Gregg Allman Talks Status Of Allman Brothers Beacon Dates

Last month Gregg Allman made big news when he told “As for the rumor of the brothers breaking up after 45 years, in other words, after this year, that is a rumor. We are not breaking up. We are replacing Derek Trucks.” This morning published more of its chat with Gregg and as always, Allman has plenty to share.

NYC-area Allman Brothers fans have been wondering about the status of the postponed Beacon Theatre shows ever since March, when Gregg Allman’s bout with bronchitis led the band to postpone the final four shows of this year’s run. There’s been little news about the status of the shows, but Gregg told the band has a plan. When asked if the Allmans would reschedule the shows, Allman responded, “Yes we are. In October, and we’re adding two, so it will be a Friday and a Saturday, a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and another Friday and another Saturday. So it will be two weekends, and two shows in the middle.” Of course nothing has been confirmed so we’ll see if the six October shows at the Beacon happen. How about the MSG show Butch Trucks mentioned? “We decided that’s a bad idea. Of all the big rooms, that one’s got the best sound, but nothing sounds like the Beacon,” Allman said.’s Brian Ives also pushed Gregg for more information about the ABB’s future plans. After mentioning that Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks are tough to replace, Gregg responded “It’s like this: No one is the ‘best.’ They’re all different. One is tiramisu, one is crème brûlée. They’re all just sexually delicious. As far as being fast, that doesn’t even enter it. It’s what you say and how you say it.” Your guess is as good as ours as to the interpretation of that statement. All that seems certain is that Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes will leave the Allman Brothers Band at the end of the year. What happens after that for the legendary band is still unclear.



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