Greg Loiacono Shares ‘Chamberlain’s Trunk’ Single Featuring Neal Casal


Singer-songwriter Greg Loiacono released his latest single, “Chamberlain’s Trunk.” The Mother Hips and Green Leaf Rustlers guitarist’s new song features contributions from the late Neal Casal.

Casal provided backing vocals and added guitar leads to “Chamberlain’s Trunk,” which was recorded in Ojai, California. Scott Hirsch (Hiss Golden Messenger) played bass, mixed and recorded the track. Greg tapped Deren Ney to create the video for “Chamberlain’s Trunk.”

Loiacono shared the following about the song:

“Chamberlain’s Trunk” is a story told through snapshots, the various perspectives involved in navigating a relationship with an addict. My own experiences on both sides of the relationship have given me a lot of images and feelings to draw from. There’s no easy answers in the song, no one’s better than anyone. If a person finds themself saying “I won’t care until you want me to” then they probably have cared too much. And so their struggle is finding a way to let go.

Watch the video for “Chamberlain’s Trunk,” which premiered via Glide Magazine, below: