Greensky Bluegrass Shares ‘Courage For The Road: Fall 2019’ Live Compilation


Greensky Bluegrass shared exclusively on Spotify a live compilation entitled Courage For The Road: Fall 2019. As the name suggests, the live recordings were culled from the band’s Fall Tour 2019.

The first installment in a new series of live releases, Courage For The Road: Fall 2019 contains 14 “hand-selected” live tracks. Longtime GSBG studio engineer Glenn Brown remixed and mastered the selections. Greensky Bluegrass mandolinist Paul Hoffman shared the following statement regarding the live release:

We keep it fresh by cycling through a large catalog of music scattering in things we haven’t played in years or only pass twice per year. Much of the material also contains large improvisational sections that take a new life every time we play it. Keeping ourselves on our toes seems to translate to fans. Follow the band for a week and you might hear 90 different songs. Greensky Bluegrass releases soundboard recordings of nearly every live performance. Each show is unique as the band shuffles through a catalog of over 200 songs and the spirit of improvisation makes each night so different. Here’s a taste of one tour. Twenty-one shows in 31 days featuring over 150 unique songs. Courage For The Road is 90 minutes of music selected by the band from throughout the tour. We hope you enjoy.

Stream Greensky Bluegrass’ Courage For The Road: Fall 2019 via Spotify below: