Grateful Dead Performs ‘Black Peter’ In 1990: Pro-Shot Video


The Grateful Dead shared pro-shot video of “Black Peter” for this week’s edition of their All The Years Live videos series. The live version of the Workingman’s Dead cut comes from Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium on July 8, 1990.

The footage is featured on the first installment of the Grateful Dead’s View From The Vault DVD series. Curated by David Lemieux, the renowned Dead archivist wrote about choosing “Black Peter” for All The Years Live.

Read David Lemieux’s note below:

Along with ‘High Time,’ ‘Black Peter’ was one of the slower-tempoed, more beautiful songs on 1970’s Workingman’s Dead. When we were looking for a Grateful Dead concert on video with which to launch the View From The Vault series in 2001, our criteria was straightforward and was similar to all of our releases: an overall excellent show, with several exceptional highlights, those ‘anchor moments.’ Amongst the many of the highest highs played in Pittsburgh on 7/8/90, this ‘Black Peter’ and its outro jam are some of the best.

Watch the Grateful Dead perform “Black Peter” on July 8, 1990 below:

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