Graham Nash & David Crosby To Appear On Pink Floyd Album

UPDATE 7/11 8 a.m. PT: A respected Pink Floyd fansite has shot down the report that Nash and Crosby appear on The Endless River.

The big news that came out of this long holiday weekend was that Pink Floyd would release an album of previously unreleased material this October. Earlier this week the band confirmed the upcoming release of The Endless River, an album of mainly ambient and instrumental music based on the 1993/4 Division Bell sessions. Yesterday, Graham Nash weighed in on the project and confirmed his involvement as well as that of David Crosby according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Last year Nash told an interviewer that he and Crosby were on their way to record with guitarist David Gilmour in England. At the time it was thought Crosby and Nash were laying down tracks for a David Gilmour solo album, but in a just-aired talk with VH-1 Radio Network’s Dave Basner Nash revealed the track they sung on last fall is expected to appear on The Endless River as per Ultimate Classic Rock. “We went down to sing on this particular song that he wrote about friends that had died,” Nash told Basner. “It’s a beautiful song, too — beautiful.”

The Endless River is produced by David Gilmour with Phil Manzanera, Youth and recording engineer Andy Jackson. Nick Mason also helped with the effort, which is said to feature contributions recorded by the late Rick Wright before he passed away. Roger Waters was not involved with The Endless River.

Nash and Crosby are no strangers to working with Gilmour as they appear on his 2006 solo LP On An Island. “I’m hoping that it’s as good as On An Island,” Nash continued to Basner, “because I thought that that song of Gilmour’s was not only a brilliant song, but I thought we sang pretty good on it.”

We should see how Nash & Crosby’s contributions turned out this fall.

[via Ultimate Classic Rock]