Gov’t Mule Fits Rarities Into Caverns Concert

By Scott Bernstein Oct 4, 2019 7:43 am PDT

Gov’t Mule made their underground debut on Thursday with a performance at The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee. The quartet had a few surprises in store for fans as they played an original they first unveiled last year for the second time ever and dusted off their rendition of a blues classic closely associated with B.B. King.

Mule opened with a cover of The Staple Singers’ “Hammer & Nails” and then filled the rest of last night’s first set with originals. Oldies “Banks Of The Deep End,” “Which Way Do We Run?” and “Rocking Horse” were followed by the title track from their most recent studio album, 2017’s Revolution Come…Revolution Go. From there, the band trotted out rarity “Wine & Blood” for just the third time since 2019 before closing the frame with a run of “Devil Likes It Slow,” “Tastes Like Wine,” “The Man I Want To Be” and “Time To Confess.”

The four-piece went with “Traveling Tune” to kick off the second set and then played guitarist Warren Haynes‘ tribute to Jerry Garcia, “Patchwork Quilt.” A take on “Kind Of Bird” led into the second ever live version of “Bed Of Lies,” a song recorded during the Revolution Come..Revolution Go sessions that was included on Mule’s 2018 Record Store Day exclusive single release. A cover of Robert Johnson’s “32/20 Blues” ended Thursday’s second set. Gov’t Mule fit “The Thrill Is Gone” within “Endless Parade” as last night’s encore. While B.B. King might be most closely associated with “The Thrill Is Gone,” the song was written by Rick Darnell and Roy Hawkins. Thursday’s “The Thrill Is Gone” was the band’s first since September 28, 2017.

Watch a clip of “The Thrill Is Gone”/”Endless Parade” captured by gmule69 below:


Set One: Hammer & Nails, Banks Of The Deep End, Which Way Do We Run?, Rocking Horse, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, Wine & Blood, Devil Likes It Slow, Tastes Like Wine, The Man I Want To Be, Time To Confess

Set Two: Traveling Tune, Patchwork Quilt, Kind Of Bird, Bed Of Lies, 32/20 Blues

Encore: Endless Parade > Thrill Is Gone > Endless Parade

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