Goose Performs ‘This Old Sea’ With Members Of Dawes: Pro-Shot Video

Watch Taylor & Griffin Goldsmith join the jam quintet for Goose original "This Old Sea."

By Scott Bernstein Aug 25, 2021 10:54 am PDT

Goose released pro-shot video featuring members of Dawes guesting on “This Old Sea” this past Saturday night at the inaugural Fred The Festival at LOCKN’ Farm in Arrington, Virginia. Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith and Griffin Goldsmith sat-in on “This Old Sea” and “Don’t Do It” at the end of Goose’s second set on the the festival's second day.

“This Old Sea” is a Goose original the band dusted off during last year’s Bingo Tour and has performed frequently since. Dawes was on hand for two sets of their own at the festival, including a complete performance of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album. Griffin took over Jeff Arevalo‘s percussion rig while Taylor sang and played guitar on the 17-minute version of the song.

“Thanks to Taylor and Griffin for hopping up there with us and taking this one deep,” wrote Goose in a note accompanying the video. Taylor not only tore it up on guitar throughout the well-jammed “This Old Sea,” he also handled vocals on the third verse. Goose and their guests varied tempos in building the song to a hearty peak featuring outstanding interplay between Taylor Goldsmith and Rick Mitarotonda.

Watch Goose and members of Dawes team on “This Old Sea” below:

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