Watch Goose Perform ‘All I Need’ In Atlanta: Pro-Shot Video

The 18-minute version came towards the end of last night's first set.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 8, 2021 11:03 am PST

Goose concluded a two-night stand at The Eastern in Atlanta on Sunday night. The quintet unveiled pro-shot video featuring the 18-minute “All I Need” from last night’s first set.

An expansive “Jive II” got last night’s show underway. Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach then led the group on “Doc Brown,” a song that dates back to his time in Great Blue. A well-jammed cover of The Wood Brothers’ “Atlas” came next before Goose tore into “All I Need.”

Goose patiently worked over an ethereal groove in “All I Need” as they built to a huge climax. Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda let it rip throughout and also shined on the adventurous 17-minute “Drive” that followed and brought the set to a close.

Mitarotonda’s beautiful “Echo Of A Rose” began Goose’s final set in Atlanta. The five-piece then embarked on an “SOS” featuring funky keyboard work from Anspach and more shredding from Rick. Next came the second version of the recently debuted original “Old Man’s Boat,” which was extended for nearly 20 minutes. The ensuing cover of Radiohead’s “You And Whose Army?” was followed by the hard-hitting “Arrow.” Goose went on to a pair a cover of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” with their own “Doobie Song” to end the frame. The band said farewell with a “Madhuvan” encore.

Check out last night’s “All I Need” below:

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Stream an audience recording taped by Z-Man:

Setlist (via JiveGoose)

Set One: Jive II, Doc Brown, Atlas, All I Need > Drive

Set Two: Echo Of A Rose, SOS, The Old Man’s Boat, You And Whose Army?, Arrow > Tomorrow Never Knows > Doobie Song

Encore: Madhuvan

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