GarciaLive Volume 5 | Lone Jerry Garcia Band New Year’s Show

We’ve really enjoyed the first four installments of the GarciaLive series of Jerry Garcia live archival releases, but we’re particularly excited about GarciaLive Volume 5 which features the only New Year’s Eve show the Jerry Garcia Band played. GarciaLive Volume 5: December 31st, 1975 Keystone Berkeley has been officially announced as the next release and finds Jerry backed by bassist John Kahn, drummer Greg Errico and keyboardist Nicky Hopkins.

In addition to the core band, the JGB was augmented by two special guests from Jerry’s other band, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, as well as Matt Kelly of Kingfish for the second and third sets. Errico, who’s best known for his work with Sly & The Family Stone, was on hand because the regular JGB drummer at the time, Ron Tutt, was on the road with Elvis Presley. The show featured on GarciaLive Volume 5 was Hopkins last performance with the JGB.

By most accounts the JGB New Year’s show at the tiny Keystone was a “surprise gig,” likely because the group had headlined two shows at Winterland on December 19 and 20. Another theory is that the Keystone was so small that promoters didn’t want the venue to become overwhelmed by a large crowd. Regardless, we’re excited to hear such JGB rarities as “Mother Nature’s Son,” “God Save The Queen,” “Pig’s Boogie” and of course the “New Year’s Countdown.” A release date will be revealed soon.

Jerry Garcia Band
12/31/75 -Keystone -Berkeley, CA

Set One: Let It Rock, Mother Nature’s Son, It’s No Use, God Save The Queen, They Love Each Other, Pig’s Boogie and the Yo-yo’z

Set Two: New Year’s Countdown, How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Catfish John, Mystery Train -> Drums -> New Year’s Jam -> Mystery Train

Set Three: Tore Up Over You, C.C. Rider, (I’m A) Road Runner