Futurebirds Celebrate 10 Years Of Touring With New Mini-Documentary


Georgia-based rockers Futurebirds continue their hard-touring ways 10 years after forming in Athens. The quintet unveiled a new mini-documentary about life on the road in celebration of their 10th anniversary.

Futurebirds tapped Zach Hellmuth to direct the feature, which coincides with the band’s summer tour and the recent release of a new single entitled “My Broken Arm.” The band members start by talking about the current state of Futurebirds. “Being a small independent band in America requires a lot of work to survive these days,” said guitarist/vocalist Daniel Womack. “Fortunately for us we love doing it.”

The members of the five-piece don’t gloss over the sacrifices that come with touring life. “Touring can be a pretty grueling thing. It can really take its toll on you, but at least we’re getting paid in life experiences,” explained guitarist Carter King. Viewers see a number of those life experiences as Futurebirds take advantage of the beautiful places they visit while on the road. The band clearly loves the outdoors and the film documents Futurebirds swimming, fishing and sitting around a campfire.

At the heart of the mini-documentary is the music, which keeps the group doing what they’re doing 10 years into their career. Not only does Hellmuth capture Futurebirds on the road but also in the studio working on a new album tentatively titled Teamwork. Watch Futurebirds: 10 Years On The Road below:


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