Full Show Audio: Oteil Burbridge & Stuart Bogie Join Joe Russo’s Almost Dead In NYC


Last month Grateful Dead tribute act Joe Russo’s Almost Dead played the middle night of a six-show run at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City. The evening featured special guests Oteil Burbridge and Stuart Bogie, and JRAD has shared an official soundboard recording of the performance.

Regular JRAD bassist Dave Dreiwitz was performing in Chicago with Ween so the group tapped Oteil to hold down the low end, while Bogie was on hand to add baritone and tenor sax, flute and percussion throughout the two set show. The guests came out for the opening improvisation that led to “The Other One” and subsequent segues into vintage Dead tunes “Dark Star” and “St. Stephen.” Drummer Joe Russo then took the collective through their debut cover of Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks’ similarly sounding “Cinnamon & Lesbians”

The expanded JRAD opened set two with “King Solomon’s Marbles” followed by keyboardist Marco Benevento incorporating elements of Lorde’s “Royals” at the start of “Black Throated Wind” which was sung by guitarist Scott Metzger. Guitarist Tom Hamilton guided a rendition of “Touch Of Grey” that was trailed by a lengthy “Playing In The Band” and a tease-filled “Wharf Rat.” A take on “Truckin'” with a jam on “Born Cross-Eyed” closed out the second set. For the encore, JRAD busted out a cover of “Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen for the first time since its debut by the group on December 31, 2015.

Give a listen to a soundboard recording of the March 16 Joe Russo’s Almost Dead show at Brooklyn Bowl below thanks to Peter Costello and Eric McRoberts:

Setlist (Compiled by Pete Costello)

Set One (8:45PM – 9:57PM): Jam @ -> The Other One @& (SM) -> Dark Star #& (OB) -> St Stephen $ & (ALL) -> Cinnamon & Lesbians %* (JR) -> The Eleven @ (TH/JR) -> Shakedown Street #+ (TH)

Set Two (10:31PM – 11:53PM): King Solomon’s Marbles @, Black Throated Wind Jam % -> Royals Jam % @@ -> Black Throated Wind % (SM) -> Jack Straw Jam -> Touch Of Grey @ (TH) > Playing In The Band @ (SM) -> Wharf Rat ^ & ## (TH) > Truckin # & (SM) -> Born Cross Eyed Jam

Encore: Born To Run @ (TH)

  • Dave Dreiwitz is on tour with Ween.
  • Entire show with Oteil Burbridge on Bass & Vocals.
  • Entire show with Stuart Bogie on horns & percussion.
  • @ – With Stuart on Tenor Sax
  • # – With Stuart on Percussion & Tenor Sax
  • $ – With Stuart on Tenor Sax, Flute & Bari Sax
  • % – With Stuart on Bari Sax
  • ^ – With Stuart on Tenor Sax & Flute
  • & – With Born Cross Eyed Teases (TH) – This may have happened even more.
  • * – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Cover, First Time Played By Almost Dead
  • + – With a “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” (Michael Jackson) Jam – I think (mostly MB), Dark Star Teases (TH) & Feel Like A Stranger Teases (Band)
  • @@ – Lorde Cover, First Time Played By Almost Dead (Mostly Marco & Stuart), crowd sung the lyrics
  • ## – Also with Tennessee Jed Teases (TH)
  • $$ – Bruce Springsteen Cover, Not Played since 2015-12-31 at The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA, a gap of 44 shows.

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