Fruition Collaborates With Greensky Bluegrass Again At 9:30 Club


Friday night Greensky Bluegrass continued a sold-out, three-show run at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. Night two again featured an opening set by Fruition and more collaborations between the two bands.

“Steam Powered Aeroplane” got the first set going with GSBG following it with “Windshield.” Fruition’s guitarist Kellen Asebroek was brought out for the subsequent renditions of “Lose My Way” and “Working On A Building.” The first set closed out via “More Of Me” > “Kerosene.”

Set two in DC saw Anders Beck utilizing a new electric dobro on “Living Over” that he debuted earlier in the night while sitting-in with Fruition. The set ended with a jammed-out cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” that incorporated a bit of The Allman Brothers Band’s “Jessica.” The encore began with GSBG teasing the intros to “Groundhog” and “Living Over” before busting into “Frederico.”

Here’s an audience recording from Friday night shared by taperjeff:

Setlist (via Camp Greensky)

Set One: Steam Powered Aeroplane, Windshield, Lose My Way (1), Working On A Building (1), Doing My Time (2) > Dry Country > Time, More Of Me > Kerosene

Set Two: Just To Lie > Hold On > Room Without A Roof, Living Over (3), I’d Probably Kill You, Leap Year, Dancing In The Dark (4)

Encore: Frederico (5)


  • (1) – with Kellen Asebroek
  • (2) – Working On A Building tease
  • (3) – Anders Beck on new hollow body electric dobro
  • (4) – Jessica tease
  • (5) – Groundhog & Living Over intro
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