Foo Fighters Expected To Perform As The Holy Shits

Back in June, Foo Fighters treated fans at the Firefly Festival to a cover-filled encore in which they performed under the name “The Holy Shits.” Front man Dave Grohl informed the crowd that the band was about to reinvent themselves as a “bar band doing classic rock covers” named The Holy Shits. From the looks of a just-tweeted tweet the Foos will perform as The Holy Shits once again tomorrow night.

On Sunday the Foos tweeted, “Sure missed you…now, let’s do 3 club gigs this week…” Today’s tweet mentions that The Holy Shits will perform at Concorde 2 in Brighton, UK tomorrow night and provides a ticketing link. The band followed up the show announcement with a tweet reading, “Brighton, see you guys tomorrow…2 more to come, UK…keep your eyes & ears open…”

Now, with Sonic Highways, the Foo Fighters’ eighth studio album, due in November, we’d be surprised if they only play covers at these U.K. club gigs. The band hasn’t performed publicly since that Firefly gig, so we’d imagine they are chomping at the bit to unveil their new material. We’ll see what happens tomorrow night.

Watch fan-shot videos of “The Holy Shits” covers thanks to Jim Powers:

[School’s Out]

[Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love]

[Under Pressure]

[Miss You]