Foo Fighters As Holy Shits Play Cover-Filled Firefly Encore

The Foo Fighters headlined yesterday’s action at the Firefly Festival in Dover, DE; where fans were hoping the band would debut material off their new studio album. While Dave Grohl and Co. didn’t debut any of the eight songs off the soon-to-be-released LP, they did have a treat in store for their only scheduled performance of the season.

[Photo via Alternative Nation]

Alternative Nation explains what happened as the group took the stage for the encore:

What was perhaps most surprising about the night was the weird way the Foos chose to return to the stage for an encore. (Dave) Grohl and (Taylor) Hawkins staged an argument over the amount of encore songs they should play on the two large screens on either side of the stage. Grohl played grouchy while pretending to want to play only one or two songs, while Hawkins kept adding to the proposal, eventually coming to the decision of playing five songs.

The band came out with the name “The Holy Shits” written on the back wall of the stage. Grohl said that what the band was about to was a first in their history; the band reinvented itself as a ‘bar band doing classic rock covers’ named The Holy Shits. From there, the band launched into covers of “School’s Out” (Alice Cooper), “Miss You” (Rolling Stones), “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” (Van Halen), and “Under Pressure” (Queen & David Bowie), closing out the night with a “cover” of Everlong and a barrage of fireworks.

All in all, the Foos played 21 songs for the Delaware crowd with nearly all of their hits accounted for between the set and “Everlong” in the encore.

Here’s the setlist from last night’s Foo Fighters set:

Watch fan-shot videos of “The Holy Shits” covers thanks to Jim Powers:

[School’s Out]

[Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love]

[Under Pressure]

[Miss You]