Flashback | One For Woody Tribute To Allen Woody

On September 21, 2000 I saw one of the best concerts of the nearly thousands I’ve bared witness to over the last 30 years -“One For Woody.” The concert was a remembrance for Gov’t Mule bassist Allen Woody, who passed away on August 25, 2000. Phil & Friends’ The “Q” lineup of Lesh, Jimmy Herring, Warren Haynes, Rob Barraco and John Molo opened the festivities with a scorching set that led into a performance by the Allman Brothers Band with both Herring and Haynes on guitar (Haynes hadn’t officially re-joined the Allmans and Herring was soon to depart). The Black Crowes were the penultimate set of the evening (complete with Haynes guest spot) that gave way to a marathon Gov’t Mule and friends 14-song performance that featured guest spots by a wide range of musical legends including Leslie West, Artimus Pyle and Phil Lesh.

JamBase was on hand that night as we presented a review soon after the show written by J. Bau (who now works for Warren’s management) and Larry Brent. Both writers raved about the event, which we all figured would be officially released on video, yet still remains on the shelf. Luckily, One For Woody was webcasted and a four-hour-and-20-minute (so heady!) video is available for viewing:

The Setlist

Set 1: Phil & Friends (Phil Lesh, John Molo, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring and Rob Barraco)
Jam> Darkstar Verse1> Unbroken Chain> I Know You Rider, Black Peter> Dark Star Verse2> The Wheel> Doin’ That Rag> Sunshine of Your Love

Set 2: Allman Brothers Band (w/ Warren Haynes)
Trouble No More, All Night Train, Stand Back, Jessica > Revival, Soulshine, Dreams, Franklin’s Tower (w/ Phil Lesh)

Set 3: Black Crowes
Hot Burrito, Kinky Reggae, Boomer’s Story, Chevrolet*, Shake Your Money Maker*, Oh Well*
*-w/ Warren Haynes

Set 4: Warren Haynes/Matt Abts and Friends
Lay Your Burden Down, Fallen Down, Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys (Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr./ Gordie Johnson/Neel/Louis), Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Gordie vox -Warren/Matt/B Oakley Gordie Johnson/Neel/Louis/Phil/Molo), Wish You Were Here (Oakley and all on vox -Warren/Matt/B Oakley Jr. Gordie Johnson/Neel/Louis) Cortez the Killer (Warren/Matt/Schools/Kevn Kinney/Jimmy Herring/Darius Rucker/Edwin McCain), Straight To Hell (Kevn Kinney vox -Warren/Matt/Milton/Schools/Neel/Louis), When the Blues Come Knockin (Warren/Milton vox -Warren/Milton/Molo/MerlSaunders/Oteil/Neel), Lovelight (Milton vox -Warren/Phil/Merl/Molo/Jimmy/Chris Robinson/Barraco), GDTRFB (Warren/Chris/Phil vox -Warren/Oakley/Harsch/Freed/Artemis Pyle), Simple Man (Warren/Matt/Robert Kearns/Leslie West/Pyle on cowbell), Never in My Life (Leslie on vox), Mississippi Queen (Leslie on vox -Warren/Matt/Pyle/Harsch/Louis/Falzarano/Hook Herrera/McCain/Neel), I Shall Be Released

Written By: Scott Bernstein