Flashback | moe. Releases Seasons Greetings Album

Rockers covering Christmas and holiday songs is a tradition that started in the early days of the genre and continues even today. However, jam acts haven’t been too keen on covering traditional holiday songs, at least not on the level seen from bands in other genres. So it was a bit of a shock when moe. unleashed Season’s Greetings From moe. on Halloween 2002.

Season’s Greetings From moe. contains 10 holiday-themed songs performed by the band such as “Linus & Lucy,” “Little Drummer Boy” and “Blue Christmas.” moe. doesn’t discriminate, so there’s even a cover of “Oh Hanukkah” thrown in for good measure. While the jam stalwarts have been off this holiday season, when they do perform around this time of year, they’ve been known to throw songs from Season’s Greetings into their sets. For example, last year in Denver, moe. covered “We’re A Couple Of Misfits” and “Oh Hanukkah.”

Here’s how Chuck Garvey explained the decision to record on release Season’s Greetings back in 2002:

OK, here’s the deal. Recently, we were going out to do a short group of shows. Early on, Rob (who is a complete Christmasaholic) came up with the idea to record a Holiday album. We had just finished with mixing and mastering a studio album that was set to be released in about five months, yet here we were talking about making ANOTHER recording that had to be ready in one-fifth the time.

So all sudden-like, we were in backstage rooms across the midwest, listening to Christmas albums IN SEPTEMBER to “get in the mood”. (It’s not even HALLOWEEN yet!!!) We adopted a commando style of learning songs, arranging and recording live during our sound checks -sometimes three songs a day! This was definitely a fun thing to do, yet also a little surreal considering the fact that I refuse to let go of summer at this time. This recording exists primarily because Rob IS “Robbie Christmas” and he infected us all with his “sickness” early in the year!”

With that in mind, take a listen to Season’s Greetings From moe.:

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