Festivalgoer Rushes Stage During Widespread Panic Set

One of the cardinal rules fans should abide by when attending a concert is “don’t interfere with the music.” An aggressive festivalgoer at Phases Of The Moon apparently didn’t get the memo as he rushed the stage during Widespread Panic’s main stage performance last night and didn’t go out without a fight.

The incident took place towards the end of “Bust It Big” according to The Barn Presents. A man jumped on stage and the band’s stage crew quickly went into action in an attempt to remove him. The guy began screaming and lunged at anyone and any instrument he could, which made for a scary scene. In fact, the man appeared to have grabbed drummer Todd Nance’s drum sticks and hit him in the face.

Thankfully the Panic crew was able to power the man off the stage, but in the video below you could tell the members of the band were not pleased with their space being invaded. Some members of the group even left the stage for a minute or two to regroup. Guitarist Jimmy Herring kept the music going and eventually Widespread Panic started up the fitting “Help Me Somebody” as the set proceeded without further incident.

Here’s fan-shot video of how it went down via RageMcConnell:

Check out the setlist thanks to PanicStream.com:

Set: Imitation Leather Shoes, Weight of the World, Sell Sell > You Got Yours, Clinic Cynic, Rebirtha, Party At Your Mama’s House > Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Pleas > Bust It Big, Help Me Somebody, Second Skin, Angels On High, You Should Be Glad, Conrad, Sharon, Action Man, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Chainsaw City

[via The Barn Presents]