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Words & Images by: Brad Hodge

Femi Kuti :: 05.09.11 :: Boulder Theater :: Boulder, Colorado

The undisputed heavyweight champion of Afrobeat stopped in to the Boulder Theater for a Monday evening of educational, inspirational and highly danceable music. Being the heir to the throne of Afrobeat might have been a heavy burden for most to bear butFemi Kuti is bearing up well under the weight. Fela Kuti, Femi’s father ushered Afrobeat into the world’s conscious and raised the bar for world beat music for years to come. Femi has certainly stepped out from his father’s shadow and made his own iconic mark in musical history. Not only does his astonishing talent escalate the genre, it delivers a message of positivity and unity, an ideology of a world where all men and women are looked at as people, not color, race or creed. As he himself put it, “A world where passports are not needed, and we are all welcomed into any nation as a fellow man.”

Nowhere can that ideology be found more prevalent than in the hearts of music lovers. We oftentimes set aside our differences and embrace our neighbors at a show, befriending those around us and letting down our guard as concerned individuals with insecurities and fears. We allow innate instinct to dance and celebrate to take over and dictate our thoughts and actions. And Femi Kuti and his Postive Force band are the ideal soundtrack to such letting go. Do yourself and those in your life a favor and catch one of this group’s shows. The philanthropy you receive will certainly stick to your soul and enlighten your daily interactions if you surrender to the message and let your spirit dance with the music.

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