Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead 50 Shows Set Live Streaming Record

The five Fare Thee Well concerts reportedly set a record for online live event streaming with over 175,000 pay-per-view streams purchased. Among the services hosting the streams were YouTube, Nugs.tv and MLB. According to Mashable, the record figure does not include cable and satellite television simulcasts. 

“We believe it’s already the largest online music pay-per-view event, once all the numbers are in it’ll be the largest music pay-per-view in history,” Live Alliance President Nate Parienti told Mashable. The report also noted that the dedicated audio truck that provided the live audio feed was run by Dennis “Wiz” Leonard, who first worked with the Grateful Dead back in 1971.

Another Fare Thee Well report indicates the five concerts earned $55 million based on estimates ticket and merchandise sales. Billboard reports there were roughly $50 million in ticket sales at Levi’s Stadium and Soldier Field with an additional $5 million coming from the sale of merchandise.

Head here to purchase and watch video-on-demand of all five Fare Thee Well performances for $49.95.