Exclusive Grateful Dead Spring 1990 TOO Compilation On Beats

On September 9 The Grateful Dead will release Spring 1990 -The Other One, a 23-disc box set featuring eight complete shows played during that landmark tour. We don’t have to wait until September to hear 16 tracks off the new release as Beats Music has shared an exclusive Spring 1990 -The Other One compilation.

The compilation contains two tracks from each of the shows featured in the new box set with one exception (there’s only one track from April 1 and three tracks from April 3). If you’re not a current Beats Music subscriber you can try out the on-demand streaming service on a 14-day free trial. After that, the service runs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for unlimited access. AT&T users with a family plan get a 90-day free trial, with a $14.99 per month fee for up to five users after the free trial period.

Spring 1990 -The Other One is currently available for pre-order via Dead.net.

Here’s the tracklisting for the compilation on Beats:

“Never Trust A Woman” 03/14/1990 -Capital Centre -Landover, MD
“Playing In The Band” 03/14/1990 – Capital Centre -Landover, MD
“The Music Never Stopped” 03/18/1990 -Hartford Civic Center -Hartford, CT
“U.S. Blues” 03/18/1990 -Hartford Civic Center -Hartford, CT
“Cumberland Blues” 03/21/1990 -Copps Coliseum -Hamilton, ON
“He’s Gone” 03/21/1990 -Copps Coliseum -Hamilton, ON
“Eyes Of The World” 03/25/1990 Knickerbocker Arena -Albany, NY
“Black Peter” 03/25/1990 Knickerbocker Arena -Albany, NY
“High Time” 03/28/1990 Nassau Coliseum -Uniondale, NY
“Easy To Love You” 03/28/1990 Nassau Coliseum -Uniondale, NY
“Throwing Stones” 03/29/1990 Nassau Coliseum -Uniondale, NY
“Ramble On Rose” 03/29/1990 Nassau Coliseum -Uniondale, NY
“Stella Blue” 04/01/1990 The Omni -Atlanta , GA
“Picasso Moon” 04/03/1990 The Omni -Atlanta , GA
“Row Jimmy” 04/03/1990 The Omni -Atlanta , GA
“Crazy Fingers” 04/03/1990 The Omni -Atlanta , GA