Eurojams Part 3: Al Doum & The Faryds, Camera And Jakob Skøtt


Al Doum & The Faryds: Spirit Rejoin

Back from our UK excursion, we’ll continue to bounce around Europe for a little bit. This week the journey starts in Milan, Italy where one of my favorite new discoveries of 2018 is based. The band is Al Doum & The Faryds, their album is Spirit Rejoin, and the recommendation is: go listen to this right away. Seriously, if you’re a fan of Electric Miles or Kamasi Washington or just ridiculously good, larger-than-life outerspace jams, you should give this one a listen. I have a feeling you’re going to like it. Italy … who knew?


Camera: Emotional Detox

From Italy we can take long trip through the middle of Europe to Berlin, the spiritual home of krautrock. One of the notable flagbearers of the genre these days is Berlin’s Camera. The previously RecommNed’d trio is back with their latest, and, in my opinion, greatest with Emotional Detox. Out for about a month now, this one has found a cozy home in my listening queue. Camera’s kraut-y foundation has opened up on several fronts, with propulsive dance grooves, psychedelic synth waves and a loose jammy spirit. This is a good one, check it out!


Jakob Skøtt: Instrumentality

Continuing our journey north-to-south, we’ll end this week’s European vacation, where else?, in Copenhagen. Regular readers of the Weekly RecommNeds should already be keen to the must-listenability of pretty much everything that comes out on the El Paraiso label and their latest couple of releases (another coming next week), are no different. This is from Jakob Skøtt, the drummer from our favorite Eurojammers, Causa Sui. His solo work is just as intriguing, although a bit different. His latest Instrumentality is an explosion of sound, dark, death-defying jams of drums, synths and beyond. This is five tracks of deep, deep shit and comes highly recommended. Enjoy!