Emancipator Remixes ‘Stochastic Resonance (feat. Statik)’ By Manic Focus

By Scott Bernstein May 4, 2018 11:43 am PDT

Electronic music producer Manic Focus released the guest-filled Minds Rising album in 2017. Tracks from the LP were remixed by artists hand selected by Manic Focus for the forthcoming Minds Rising Remixed set including SoDown, Liquid Stranger, Emancipator and Cofresi. Recently, the second single from Minds Rising Remixed was shared.

Emancipator put a psychedelic spin on Minds Rising standout “Stochastic Resonance” which features Statik in a throwback to ’90s trip-hop. The release of Emancipator’s remix comes a few weeks before Manic Focus opens for him at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado on May 26. Stream the Emancipator remix of “Stochastic Resonance”:

Listen to the previously-released first single off Minds Rising Remixed – Liquid Stranger’s remix of “Putting All Of My People On” featuring ProbCause:

Minds Rising Remixed Tracklist

  1. Drop In feat. Marvel Years & Chris Karns (SoDown Remix)
  2. Putting All of My People On Feat. ProbCause (Liquid Stranger Remix)
  3. Joy In The Noise feat. Psalm One (Daily Bread Remix)
  4. Stochastic Resonance feat. Statik (Emancipator Remix)
  5. Snap Like This feat. Artifakts & Erick Jesus Coomes (Wick – It The Instigator Remix)
  6. Pushing feat. Psymbionic (Rave Boar Remix)
  7. Rage Fits Perfect feat. The MFin’ Band (SunSquabi Remix)
  8. Habit feat. Russ Liquid & The Rapper Chicks (Megan Hamilton Remix)
  9. Stronger feat. Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick, Adam Deitch (Cofresi Remix)
  10. Timeless feat Carlile (Edamame Remix)
  11. Sowing My Zone feat. Ryan Viser (GoodSex Remix)
  12. Your X Now feat. Exmag & Borahm Lee (LWKY Remix)
  13. *BONUS TRACK* – Pushing feat. Psymbionic (R34L Remix)

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