Elton John Performs Beau Biden’s Favorite Song & More On ‘The Late Show’


Iconic performer Elton John made his The Late Show With Stephen Colbert debut on Monday night. Elton sat for an interview with host Stephen Colbert, who fanboyed out over getting to chat with one of his favorite musicians. John then performed three songs, two of which have been shared by The Late Show.

In the interview, Elton talked about the impact of having children, took the audience through his ridiculously prolific ’70s output and discussed his new Diamonds compilation. Colbert ended the chat by reeling off one Elton title after another to the delight of the performer.

The first song Elton John and his band performed was “Crocodile Rock.” Elton informed the audience he wasn’t planning on playing the song, but did so after former Vice President Joe Biden (another guest on Monday’s episode) informed him “Crocodile Rock” was his late son Beau Biden’s favorite song. John and his talented ensemble also performed “I’m Still Standing” for Monday’s episode. Elton and his mates took turns wearing fake mustaches and Colbert got in on the action as well.

Here’s Elton’s rendition of “Crocodile Rock”:

Watch Elton John lead his band on “I’m Still Standing”:

Check out John’s chat with Colbert:

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