God Street Wine’s Lo Faber Announces New Album ‘Claiborne Avenue’ & Shares Single

By Scott Bernstein Apr 8, 2021 12:44 pm PDT

Dr. Lo (Lo Faber of God Street Wine) will release Claiborne Avenue, a new studio album, on June 18. Wide Open Country previewed the LP by premiering Claiborne Avenue single “Grey Green Eyes.”

The 10-track follow-up to Bottomland is in part a tribute to Doctor Lo’s current hometown of New Orleans. “Some of the songs are united by being my experience of living here in New Orleans for about nine years now,” Faber noted. That said, the music on Claiborne Avenue “is not New Orleans-y.”

Doctor Lo recruited a number of musicians to contribute to Claiborne Avenue after recording most of the instruments himself initially. Dave Eggar plays cello and wrote string arrangements, while Jason Crosby adds piano and fiddle. Faber also turned to his GSW band mates Jon Bevo and Aaron Lieberman for keys and guitar, respectively. Additionally, the album features the Ominous Seapods rhythm section of drummer Ted Marotta and bassist Tom Pirozzi, among other guests.

The singer-songwriter/guitarist’s “Grey Green Eyes” was born out of his appreciation for folk music. “This one is kind of a love letter to the folk music albums I grew up listening to, things like Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Acoustic instruments engaging in some subtle interplay, very simple bass and drums, and a bitter, wistful lyric of lost love. It’s one of the simplest, most straightforward songs I’ve ever written,” Doctor Lo explained to Wide Open Country.

“Lyrically the song refers to the hard-won wisdom we get from messed up relationships, bad choices, and foolish optimism,” Doctor Lo added. “It’s a theme I keep coming back to on this record. Not to be dramatic, and it might not be readily apparent because the song is, I think, a little bit understated. But the plain fact is I traveled to Hell and back to get this song — no matter what anyone else ever thinks of it, it’ll always mean something to me as a reminder of where I had to go to get it.”

Watch the lyric video for “Grey Green Eyes” via Wide Open Country below:

Claiborne Avenue Tracklist

  1. Grey Green Eyes
  2. Guns And Sharp Swords
  3. Claiborne Avenue
  4. That Jesus Love
  5. Kenosha Baby
  6. You Know Me Best
  7. Moon Tide
  8. Ship
  9. Down At The Fly
  10. Just To Be
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