Dopapod Releases ‘Think’ Single

“The overall message we were trying to convey with ‘Think’ is to think for yourself.” – Eli Winderman

By Scott Bernstein Oct 22, 2021 11:44 am PDT

Jam quartet Dopapod recently unveiled the new single “Think” and an accompanying video. The hard-hitting track marks the first new music from the group since their 2019 album Emit Time.

The band consisting of guitarist Rob Compa, keyboardist Eli Winderman, drummer Neal “Fro” Evans and bassist Chuck Jones released “Think” on Thursday, one day after starting an extensive fall tour in Saratoga Springs, New York. Compa and Winderman share lead vocal duties on the new single.

Eli Winderman explained the meaning behind the song with Live For Live Music, the outlet that premiered “Think.” Read the keyboardist’s take on the new Dopapod single:

The overall message we were trying to convey with “Think” is to think for yourself. “While being the person that is you, you should think for you.” Sonically we aimed to create something completely unique to us as a band while paying homage to the bands that inspired us like Pink Floyd, Yes, Cornelius, King Crimson, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, and Phish.

Being that our band name is a palindrome, we like to play with themes of symmetry and balance. The beginning of the song starts with opposites ‘right and left’ overlapping with ‘right and wrong.’ I think the impetus of this lyrical content stems from being knee deep in Trumpism while writing this song. I think we felt a responsibility to convey our feelings about this. “You can do no wrong, as long as you do everything right all of the time” would potentially be something a far right radio person would say or imply, and on the other side of the spectrum if people don’t think for themselves we end up with two extremely polarized groups. This is obviously not healthy for our world.

The tour continues tonight in Hartford, tomorrow in Boston and on Sunday in Portland, Maine. Watch Dopapod’s “Think” video filmed and edited by Jameson Mangan below:

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