Dopapod Performs VIP Brunch Set At Garcia’s In 2019: Pro-Shot Video


On Sunday, April 28 Dopapod conducted a VIP brunch show at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York. The set came after Rob Compa, Eli Winderman, Chuck Jones and Neal “Fro” Evans ended their hiatus at The Cap proper the night before.

Being a brunch show the set was a pretty laid back affair with plenty of funny banter and storytelling. To start, the band eased into the jazzy “Brookline Bridge,” with guitarist Rob Compa noticing some “blue shit” on his hand prompting him to lay down some bluesy riffs into some jazzy double stop stuff. Keyboardist Eli Winderman turned things up a notch on the Hammond organ before the band brought the tune to a close. Next up, a cover of the 1972 Jimmy Smith song “Root Down,” from which the sample of The Beastie Boys track of the same name comes from. After some storytelling, Dopapod delivered a “downtempo lounge version” of their song “Present Ghosts” (with lyrics penned by bassist Chuck Jones), appearing in its original form on their 2014 album Never Odd Or Even, which also featured a new ending.


Dopapod continued by improvising a jam on the spot dubbed “West Virginia car horn jam” inspired by a familiar melody included in a funny anecdote from Rob followed by the origin story for the classic “Onionhead” from their 2012 album Drawn Onward. The band then delivered Drawn Onward’s “Turning Knobs,” which saw the first return to “West Virginia car horn jam.” Next, SiriusXM’s Ari Fink conducted a fairly in-depth Q&A before the band got into “Weird Charlie,” featuring the second “West Virginia car horn jam, before heading into “Indian Grits,” which contained a tease of their own “Bats In A Cave” as well as the Game Of Thrones theme to cap off the set.

Watch pro-shot video of Dopapod’s entire 2019 VIP brunch set from Garcia’s via MK Devo below:



Brookline Bridge, Root Down¹, Present Ghosts², West Virginia car horn jam, Onionhead origin story, Turnin’ Knobs³, Q&A w/Ari Fink, Weird Charlie³ → Indian Grits⁴


  • ¹Jimmy Smith cover
  • ²Downtempo lounge version
  • ³West Virginia car horn jam tease
  • ⁴Bats in the Cave, Game Of Thrones theme teases
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