DJ Williams’ Shots Fired Shares ‘Prime’: Exclusive Video Premiere

By Scott Bernstein Dec 19, 2019 9:57 am PST

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe guitarist DJ Williams tapped his KDTU band mate Zak Najor to direct a video for the DJ Williams’ Shots Fired track “Prime.” JamBase is pleased to premiere the kung fu-style “Prime” video.

“Filmed this while we were on tour, Zak Najor had just got a new camera setup and was filming and editing a video for KDTU,” Williams explained of the video for a song that is available as part of his YouTube Music Library album, which features new Shots Fired tracks that anyone is allowed to use, royalty-free, in YouTube videos as part of their Music Library project. “We started shooting B roll in Boston and Philly and then he had an idea to add some old school kung fu footage because that’s what the song reminded him of and I thought it was a great idea.

“I’m not sure what the movie is but it’s killer,” DJ added. “It adds to the vibe of what this whole record is supposed to represent: the lost art form of cinematic music. Kind of a salute to Tarantino films throwing back to old westerns and spy movie scores. It’s not suppose to tell a story but create a vibe and an emotion. Kind of how I feel about all my music.”

Watch the “Prime” video below:

DJ Williams’ Shots Fired will embark on a tour with G. Love & Special Sauce in January. The band launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their tour expenses.

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