Dispatch Releases ‘The General (Russian Version)’ In Support Of Ukraine

Dispatch's Chadwick Stokes learned to sing their 1997 anti-war anthem in Russian.

By Nate Todd Apr 26, 2022 3:12 pm PDT

Dispatch shared a reworking of their song “The General” in support of Ukraine. All proceeds from “The General (Russian Version)” will benefit Leleka Foundation providing medial supplies and treatment to the wounded In Ukraine.

The anti-war anthem “The General” originally appears on Dispatch’s 1997 sophomore album Bang Bang. For the updated version in support of Ukraine, the band’s Chadwick Stokes learned and sang the song in Russian — with harmonies from fellow founding member Brad Corrigan — in “the hope that Russian soldiers might hear the message and question their role in this unjustified invasion,” as per press materials for “The General (Russian Version).”

“To force someone to act against humanity is to destroy their own humanity,” Stokes added. The Ukraine benefit track arrived along with an in-studio performance video. Watch it below:

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Also, check out the original track:

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