Derek Trucks Band | 10.05 | SC

Words by Brian Blades :: Images by Kevin Quinn

Derek Trucks Band :: 10.05.07 :: Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium :: Spartanburg, SC

Derek Trucks Band :: 10.05 :: SC
Like kids salivating at a candy store, fans settled in for a chance to satisfy they’re collective sonic sweet tooth at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium with the Derek Trucks Band. The group hit the stage to what at first appeared to be a laidback audience, comfortable being the silent observers so many audiences have become in upstate South Carolina, willing to take another local/regional band’s performance for granted. But, I am happy to report that the Derek Trucks Band reversed that trend on this Friday night.

Long one of South Carolina’s adopted favorite sons, Trucks’ history with the area goes back to when he was a tiny spud of 14 playing at local nightclubs. Tonight, the audience was treated to the “all growed up” Derek Trucks. From the first note of “Soul Serenade,” the band rolled out a never-ending flow that turned the wildly diverse audience into a collective mass of spontaneous free form movement. The most striking moments of the first set came when Trucks worked his way around the band, enjoying a musical moment with each member. With just a nod or two to percussionist Count M’butu, a smile of gratitude with drummer Yonrico Scott or serious jam with bassist Todd Smallie, keyboard-flute player Kofi Burbridge and lead singer Mike Mattison, the group ripped through fresh versions of fan favorites like “Majhoun” and “Sailin’ On.” The second set found an even tighter connection between the band and their fans, as the volume of audience response matched the level of magic emanating from the stage.

Strong yet subtle, tight yet loose, serious yet fun, this is what the Derek Trucks Band is all about. Speaking from a very biased perspective, this is one of the finest collections of musical talent playing together in the world today. When a band can offer up something to satisfy any person’s musical tastes it’s a perplexing thought as to why every DTB show isn’t a sell out.

Derek Trucks Band :: 10.05 :: SC

10.05.07 :: Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium :: Spartanburg, SC
Set 1: Soul Serenade, Get Out Of My Life, Sailing On, Majhoun > Greensleeves, Blind Crippled & Crazy, I Wish I Knew
Set 2: Preachin’ Blues*, Soul Of A Man*, Meet Me At The Bottom*, 44 Blues*, Done Got Over*, Sahib Teri Bandi, I Know, Leavin’ Trunk, Going Down Slow, Up Above My Head
Encore: Key To The Highway
*seated acoustic

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