Watch Taylor & Griffin Goldsmith Perform Dawes & The Killers Holiday Collab ‘Christmas In L.A.’

The original holiday song was released in December 2013.

By Andy Kahn Dec 5, 2023 10:43 am PST

Dawes will host their first holiday concert, billed as Christmas In L.A., on December 9 at The Bellwether in Los Angeles. Dawes guitarist Taylor Goldsmith and his brother, Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith, previewed the upcoming festive event by performing its namesake song “Christmas In L.A.,” which he co-wrote with The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, during a session at the SoCal Sound 88.5FM radio station.

Taylor and Griffin talked with SoCal Sound’s Julie Slater about performing the song at their Christmas In L.A. concert, which will feature several special guests, including Taylor’s wife Mandy Moore, frequent collaborator Mike Viola, as well as Jim James and Bo Koster of My Morning Jacket, Madison Cunningham and more. Additionally, Blake Mills will return for the first Simon Dawes performance since 2007, which will include former Dawes member Wylie Gelber.

“We have a Christmas song with The Killers that I feel like hopefully our community, our fan base is familiar with enough to where that can be a nice grand finale that we all sing together,” Taylor Goldsmith told Slater with regards to the concert.


The Killers released “Christmas In L.A.” in 2013 as part of an ongoing series of annual holiday singles. Taylor Goldsmith recounted co-writing the song with Flowers, telling Slater:

“It started as Brandon’s brainchild, Brandon from The Killers. He brought it to me half done and I loved it and I was excited to finish it with him. He was projecting – he grew up in Vegas and now he lives out in Utah. So he’s not familiar with that experience of Christmas in L.A.

“And we are not transplants – that song is very specifically about that experience of growing up somewhere else and coming to L.A. to make it big and then being kind of stuck here for the holidays, like a lot of people we know and knew, would often do.

“That was never our experience though because our home was here. We never knew anything different. We never knew snow [on] Christmas. We don’t know what seasons mean. But we definitely felt like this is just what it always was. So we’ve always enjoyed family time and Christmas time here here in L.A.

“But it was fun to try to step into the shoes of all of our struggling actor friends and what that must be like. Especially when you do come from a place that does have falling leaves and now on the ground.”

Along with “Christmas In L.A.,” the session saw takes on Robert Earl Keen’s “Merry Christmas From The Family” and he delivered a performance of “Comes In Waves” from Dawes’ 2022 album, Misadventures Of Doomscroller. Watch the interview with the Goldsmith brothers and live session featuring “Christmas In L.A.” below:


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