Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Conclude European Tour In Oporto


Guitarists Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concluded their first tour of Europe since 2007 on Tuesday night in Oporto, Portugal. The 15-show tour featured performances of 90 different songs with two tour debuts coming on closing night.

Matthews and Reynolds ended the run with a marathon show at Coliseo du Porto that included three different encores. Last night’s 24-song main set included a batch of material that spanned the pair’s entire career. Once again, Cuban musician Carlos Varela came out to lead Dave and Tim through his own “Muros y Puertas” and Reynolds dug deep into his repertoire for his first solo performance of “You Are My Sanity” in 372 concerts.

The duo played a first encore of “#41” and “All Along The Watchtower.” Dave and Tim returned to the stage for “Warehouse” and “Stay (Wasting Time)” ahead of a third encore of “Ants Marching.” Tuesday’s “Stay (Wasting Time)” was a tour debut. Matthews and Reynolds kick off a U.S. tour in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on May 3.

Videos (Captured by Andre Beaulieu)

[Where Are You Going]

[Grey Street + Two Step]




Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds at Coliseu do Porto

  • You Might Die Trying  
  • Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)  
  • Granny  
  • Fool to Think  
  • Lying in the Hands of God  
  • Don't Drink the Water  
  • One Sweet World  
  • Where Are You Going  
  • Tripping Billies  
  • You Are My Sanity  
  • Death on the High Seas  
  • Stay or Leave  
  • Bismarck  
  • Crush  
  • Muros y Puertas (Walls and Doors)  
  • Satellite  
  • Minarets  
  • Funny the Way It Is  
  • Stream  
  • Virginia in the Rain  
  • Jimi Thing  
  • Crash Into Me  
  • Grey Street  
  • Two Step  
  • #41  
  • All Along the Watchtower  
  • Warehouse  
  • Stay (Wasting Time)  
  • Ants Marching  

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