Dave Matthews Performs ‘Lie In Our Graves’ By Request For SiriusXM

SiriusXM released video of Dave Matthews performing “Lie In Our Graves” by request. The Dave Matthews Band classic came as part of a Dave solo livestream concert, SiriusXM’s Live from Home: By Request, which premiered back on Friday.

The 11-song set contained some substantial Dave solo bust outs including the first Dave solo “Seek Up” and “Say Goodbye” in nearly 25 years, as per DMB Almanac. The all-request show also featured a Dave solo debut of “You Might Die Trying,” which appears on DMB’s 2005 album Stand Up. Additionally, the set contained classics like “Two Step” and “One Sweet World.” Matthews had not played “Lie In Our Graves” solo in nearly 15 years.

Watch Dave Matthews perform “Lie In Our Graves” below:

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Setlist (via DMB Almanac)

Set: Do You Remember, You Might Die Trying, The Stone, Seek Up, Granny, Lie In Our Graves, Say Goodbye, One Sweet World, Two Step, Steady As We Go, Everyday