Dave Matthews Band Busts Out ‘Drunken Soldier’ At The Gorge


Dave Matthews Band returned to the Gorge Amphitheatre on Friday night for the first of three annual Labor Day Weekend shows at the majestic outdoor venue. The band would bust out “Drunken Soldier” for the first time in nearly four years about a quarter of the way through the set.

DMB kicked things off with “Seek Up” followed by “Come Tomorrow” and “What Would You Say.” The group continued with “Rooftop,” “Do You Remember” and’ “Crush.” The first “Drunken Soldier” since November 11, 2015 came next ahead of a partial take on “Kill The Preacher,” “Why Am I,” a cover of Daniel Lanois’ “The Maker” and “Don’t Drink The Water.”

DMB then treated the Washington State audience to “Sister,” “Dancing Nancies” and “The Last Stop.” “Granny” and “Corn Bread” came ahead of “You & Me” and “Tripping Billies.” “Everyday” brought the set to a close. DMB would retake the stage for a four-song encore of “I’ll Back You Up,” “Two Step” and “Pantala Naga Pampa.” “Rapunzel” capped off the evening.

Watch the “Drunken Solider” bust out via Ansley .Snapp below:

Setlist (via DMBAlmanac)

Set: Seek Up, Come Tomorrow, What Would You Say, Rooftop, Do You Remember, Crush, Drunken Soldier, Kill the Preacher [partial], Why I Am, The Maker, Don’t Drink the Water, Sister, Dancing Nancies, The Last Stop, Granny, Corn Bread, You & Me, Tripping Billies, Everyday

Encore: I’ll Back You Up, Two Step > Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel