Dave Matthews Band Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Hometown Show In 2016


Tonight, Dave Matthews Band plays the first of two shows at John Paul Jones Arena in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia that brings the group’s fall tour to a close. DMB last performed at the venue in honor of their 25th anniversary in 2016. This week’s Full Show Friday features multi-cam footage of Dave Matthews Band’s May 7, 2016 show in Charlottesville.

Dave Matthews Band’s last concert at the John Paul Jones Arena opened their summer tour in 2016. Proceeds from the concert went towards their BAMA Works Fund charitable arm. DMB kicked off the show with “The Song That Jane Likes,” which had last opened a gig on November 3, 1994. The evening featured debuts of “Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin),” “Again & Again” and “Bismarck.” Both “Samurai Cop” and “Again & Again” would appear on their 2018 studio album Come Tomorrow.

The band also fit a pair of bust outs into their 21-song show in Charlottesville. “Sugar Will” appeared in full band format for the first time since March 7, 2010; while “The Last Stop” returned after nearly six years on the shelf. “The Last Stop” was part of an encore that also included the beloved “Ants Marching” and “Tripping Billies.” Watch multi-cam video featuring high-quality audio compiled by ChesterCopperpot5:


Dave Matthews Band at John Paul Jones Arena

  • The Song That Jane Likes  
  • When the World Ends
  • One Sweet World  
  • Why I Am
  • #41
  • Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)  
  • Don't Drink the Water
  • Again and Again  
  • What Would You Say
  • Big Eyed Fish  
  • Bismarck  
  • Sugar Will  
  • Belly Belly Nice
  • Virginia in the Rain
  • Warehouse
  • Jimi Thing  
  • Sexy M.F.  
  • The Space Between  
  • Grey Street
  • Ants Marching  
  • The Last Stop  
  • Tripping Billies

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