Dave Matthews Band Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Charlottesville Concert In 2016

On September 24, the Dave Matthews Band will headline “A Concert For Charlottesville” at UVA Scott Stadium. Charlottesville birthed DMB in 1991 and the group has returned sporadically to honor its hometown ever since their humble beginnings. In honor of the band’s upcoming show in Charlottesville, let’s look at professionally-shot footage from their last hometown concert.

The Dave Matthews Band kicked off their 2016 Summer Tour with a benefit for their BAMA Works Fund at Charlottesville’s John Paul Jones Arena on May 7, 2016. DMB billed the show as a 25th anniversary concert. Matthews and his band opened with “The Song That Jane Likes,” the first time the classic had kicked off a show since November 3, 1994.

The group went on to present an 18-song main set that included three debuts. Dave & Co. debuted “Samurai Cop,” “Bob Law” and “Bismarck,” all three of which went on to be staples over the course of the tour that lasted until Labor Day weekend ’16 at The Gorge. Also of note were the first versions of “Sugar Will” and “The Last Stop” since 2010. “The Last Stop” was part of an encore that also featured beloved hits “Ants Marching” and “Tripping Billies.”

Highlights from the concert were aired on TNT, watch:

[Grey Street]

[What Would You Say]

[Behind The Scenes]



Dave Matthews Band at John Paul Jones Arena

  • The Song That Jane Likes  
  • When the World Ends
  • One Sweet World  
  • Why I Am
  • #41
  • Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)  
  • Don't Drink the Water
  • Again and Again  
  • What Would You Say
  • Big Eyed Fish  
  • Bismarck  
  • Sugar Will  
  • Belly Belly Nice
  • Virginia in the Rain
  • Warehouse
  • Jimi Thing  
  • Sexy M.F.  
  • The Space Between  
  • Grey Street
  • Ants Marching  
  • The Last Stop  
  • Tripping Billies
  • Upcoming Shows