Dave Grohl Talks Nirvana, Tom Petty & Foo Fighters Experiences For ‘Creating Saturday Night Live’ Short

The Saturday Night Live YouTube channel features a series of “Creating: Saturday Night Live” videos documenting the behind-the-scenes action that goes into the making of the long-running sketch comedy program. In the latest “Creating: Saturday Night Live” clip, Foo Fighters discuss their history on the NBC program. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl starts off by talking about his experience playing SNL with Nirvana and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, before the rest of the band starts to weigh on on their seven appearances.

Grohl starts off by noting Foo Fighters performed on the both Kristen Wiig’s first show and last show as an SNL performer. He then told a story of how Weird Al Yankovic called Nirvana to ask for their permission to parody “Smells Like Teen Spirit” just before the band made their Saturday Night Live debut. Grohl also revealed he was so pumped to be playing the show that he quickly broke one of his drumsticks. Charles Barkley hosted the episode and the clip below features outtakes of intros the basketball star recorded with Nirvana.

Dave also talked about how sweet Tom Petty was to him when Grohl sat-in on drums with the Heartbreakers in 1994. The Foo Fighters then discuss the process of participating in the skits and how Jim Carrey sat-in on “Times Like These” by playing air guitar on his leg. Grohl also told the story of a night Foo Fighters backed Mick Jagger after performing at their own sold-out show in New Jersey just hours earlier. Other topics covered in the video below are Christopher Walken’s pronunciation of the band’s name, jamming with Paul McCartney and SNL’s Christmas shows.

Watch “Creating Saturday Night Live: Foo Fighters”:

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