Former Turkuaz Frontman Dave Brandwein Releases Band For Sale Single ‘Is There Anybody?’

Listen to a preview of Brandwein's upcoming Band For Sale debut album, Sleeping Sun, Waking Moon.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 23, 2022 9:56 am PST

Dave Brandwein, co-founder of Turkuaz, formed a new project entitled Band For Sale to explore his passion for Americana and folk music. Brandwein unveiled “Is There Anybody?,” a track from the forthcoming Band For Sale debut album, Sleeping Sun, Waking Moon.

Sleeping Sun, Waking Moon, which the producer and multi-instrumentalist recorded on and off over the past decade, arrives on December 9. The project comes in the wake of Turkuaz disbanding. Seven members of the powerhouse funk ensemble announced their departure on November 2, 2021. Brandwein and fellow Turkuaz co-founder bassist Taylor Shell went on to complete work on the group’s recently released final two albums, Paradiso and Apollyon.

Presently, Dave Brandwein is focusing on the Band For Sale solo project and his New Originals collaboration with producer Rob O’Block. Brandwein moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles after Turkuaz broke up, went through a divorce and became sober. He looked back to his early days in putting together the Band For Sale album.

“This album is who I’ve always been deep down,” Brandwein revealed. “I grew up on The Beatles, Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, and the other classic sounds of the 60’s and 70’s… The truth is that Turkuaz was the departure.” Dave produced and mixed the complete 15-track LP himself. Contributors include Taylor Shell, vocalist Andrew Burri (Lucius), drummers Matt Musty (Train) and Tim Walsh as well as bassists Kurtis Keber (Grace Potter) and Kiyoshi Matsuyama (London Souls).

“Is There Anybody?” features Shell on bass. Dave initially wrote the tune following an intense breakup in his college days. “Facing the possibility of being on my own again, I had to wonder, ‘Is there anybody? Another person out there that I would find to understand me and feel for me?’ Soon after, I was actually in another relationship which would eventually be my marriage,” Brandwein explained. “Oddly, as the record reached completion all these years later, I found myself in the same position once again. It’s strange, and I suppose, could be seen as tragic, but it’s really more bittersweet. It’s as hopeful as it is sad.”

Stream Dave Brandwein’s Band For Sale single “Is There Anybody” below:

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