Daniel Donato Releases ‘Why You Been Gone So Long’ Single

Stream the lead single and opening track from Donato's forthcoming 'Cosmic Country & Western Songs' album.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 27, 2021 9:11 am PDT

Out today from Nashville-based singer-songwriting guitarist Daniel Donato is “Why You Been Gone So Long.” The new single comes in preview of Cosmic Country & Western Songs, a studio album scheduled for release on September 30.

Donato produced the eight-track album with Jon Radford. He’s joined on Cosmic Country & Western Songs by fellow Nashville-based musicians Radford on drums and percussion, guitarist Nicolas Fry, bassists Jake Bostick and Joe Fick and keyboardist Robbie Crowell. The LP was recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium.

Daniel shared the following regarding Cosmic Country & Western Songs:

At the age of 14, I discovered one of Nashville’s best kept secrets, The Don Kelley Band at Robert’s Western World. This legendary house band played five nights a week, four hours a night, and regularly hosted Music City’s finest guitarists. The band’s approach to their 100+ song setlist of classic country and bluegrass music was unique and packed out Nashville’s most famous Honky Tonk on a nightly basis. For three years, every Saturday, I gave the band my business card, in hopes that I could join their legendary roster.

I got the gig.

464 shows, 1856 hours, and 20,880 songs later, the ways of this band live and breathe in every note I play and sing. The COVID-19 pandemic ended this band’s career, and in tribute to the immense inspiration they brought to Nashville, “Cosmic Country & Western Songs,” was born.

The songs and sounds from this album are the sounds of Nashville’s finest country band rocking the house in Music City’s most famous Honky Tonk on a Saturday night, with a twist of #CosmicCountry woven in.

“‘Why You Been Gone So Long’ is a honky tonk country song that I’ve played in Nashville hundreds of times. Through these times of playing it, it has morphed into a Cosmic jam vehicle that goes to the moon and back,” Donato added of his new single. “In this recording you can hear the influences of country, and the dangerous fun of taking risks and improvising to create something alive and raw.

Listen to Daniel Donato’s “Why You Been Gone So Long” below:

Cosmic Country & Western Songs Tracklist

  1. Why You Been Gone So Long?
  2. Waymore’s Blues
  3. Fox On The Run
  4. Fourteen Carat Mind
  5. Sad Songs And Waltzes
  6. Darlin’ Cory
  7. Ghost Riders In The Sky
  8. Love’s Gonna Live Here

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