Osiris Podcast Profile: Daddy Unscripted


Aaron Schafer co-hosts the Osiris network’s No Simple Road that focuses on the community surrounding the Grateful Dead. Below, Aaron profiles fellow Osiris podcast, Daddy Unscripted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dad or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or not. Just trust me … you need to give this podcast a listen. The Daddy Unscripted Podcast was one of those amazing surprises for me. The host of the show, Tim Wheaton, takes such a sweet and personal look into the lives of the people that come on his show. He’s one of those people that can effortlessly look under the hood and into the center of the person he’s talking to.

The first time I listened I wondered if all I would hear would be diaper stories and endless advice on how to be a dad. I couldn’t have been more off base. Through engaging and interesting conversations, Tim takes the listeners through the lives of his guests. He gets to the bottom of what drives them, what inspires them, what makes them tick, the joys and fears of parenthood, and in the process something magical starts to happen!

You, as a listener, are drawn in and start to feel the feelings along with them. There’s plenty of dad talk, don’t get me wrong, but it feels so good to hear it real and raw that you forget that was even the point! With guests like Umphrey’s McGee manager Kevin Browning, author and critic Matt Thorne, RJ Bee of the Osiris Podcast Network, Dr. Anthony Balduzzi and many more you’ll find yourself relating with the Tim and his guests as they talk sports, music, raising kids, being married, coming from broken homes and on and on! It’s like hanging out with your friends, having a cold one and talking about the stuff that really, really matters. Tim and his guests aren’t afraid to shed a tear, share a laugh and talk out the tough stuff with intention and tact!

There’s so much going on in the world today. Politics, the media and the chaos of the day-to-day can all vie for our attention. We are all in need of a moment to remember that we are all just human beings, people with feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams that intersect and make us who we are. This podcast is a gentle reminder that we’re just people having a human experience in need of connection and that we need to talk it out. There’s not many places where guys can just share their experiences of being a dad, a man, a husband, a friend or whatever else. Somehow though, this ‘unscripted’ bit of podcastdom has managed to make that special place appear! Being a dad is a tough gig. There’s no book to tell us what to do and very few rules to guide. The Daddy Unscripted Podcast shines a light on the realities that we face by being dads, the impact that our fathers have had on us and how we as men and parents affect and are affected by the world around us.

Do yourself a favor, Dad or not, guy or not, and sit down with Tim and The Daddy Unscripted Podcast. I guarantee that when it’s all said and done you will feel that warm spot in the center of your chest glowing a little bit warmer, you’ll feel a bit more connected and you’ll definitely have a smile on your face!