Cycles Shares ‘Live Vol. 1’ Live Album: Exclusive Premiere

By Scott Bernstein Jan 23, 2019 10:09 am PST

This Friday, Colorado-based power trio Cycles will issue their debut live album, Cycles Live Vol. 1. JamBase is pleased to premiere the 17-track collection ahead of its official release on January 25.

Cycles features guitarist Patrick Harvey, bassist Tucker McClung and drummer Michael Wood. The band taped 40 shows they played last year and then with the help of a dedicated group of fans and friends dubbed “The Cycles Jam Sifters” listened to each recording to find the best version of each song. The resulting album mixes classics, brand new tunes and a bevy of previously unreleased material recorded between January and October.

The Cycles Jam Sifters aided in compiling a tracklist that contains a good deal of variety and showcases various aspects of the band. “For me, it’s this sense of variety that makes the album special,” Wood explained to JamBase. “Since it was recorded all over the country in different rooms, using different microphones and with the help of different sound guys, each show sounds a little different. I really like that. It’s representative of our experience as it changes from night to night. Cycles Live Vol. 1 is definitely the best representation of what we do as a band, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it!” Stream all 17 tracks below:

Cycles opens for Papadosio on Thursday night at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins and then play more home state gigs in the Colorado cities of Grand Junction, Crested Butte, Denver, Montrose, Vail and Buena Vista over the next two weeks. A trip to the Northeast in support of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Papadosio follows a Midwest run. Check out the full list of dates at the bottom of the article.

Cycles Live Vol. 1 Tracklist

Disc One

  1. Get Out Of Your Head (4/23/18 Brooklyn, NY)
  2. Hang It Up On Your Wall (5/17/18 Pittsburgh, PA)
  3. Float Above It All (10/24/18 Covington, KY)
  4. Music’s For Free (8/10/18 Austin, TX)
  5. Vacation (9/14/18 Indianapolis, IN)
  6. The Ball (4/23/18 Brooklyn, NY) (
  7. Clyde (5/4/18 Nederland, CO)
  8. The Reckoning (5/4/18 Nederland, CO)

Disc Two

  1. It’s About That Time (8/9/18 Houston, TX)
  2. Game Show (8/9/18 Houston, TX)
  3. The Aloe Parade (8/9/18 Houston, TX)
  4. The Mess (8/9/18 Houston, TX)
  5. Be Yourself (5/4/18 Nederland, CO)
  6. Green (6/1/18 Indianapolis, IN)
  7. The Martyr (5/5/18 Denver, CO)
  8. Clear (5/17/18 Pittsburgh, PA)
  9. Chapagna (1/16/18 Denver, CO)

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