Cover Alert | Teenager Plays Phish Classics Piano Medley

Recently, we posted a pair of articles featuring solo piano interpretations of Phish songs by Holly Bowling. Holly’s not the only talented, Phish-loving pianist as youngster Eric Ingersoll has been posting solo piano versions of Phish classics for the past few years.

The latest video featuring Eric covering Phish contains a 30+ minute medley of such classics as “Harry Hood,” “Tela” and “You Enjoy Myself.” He even works “Fuego” into a medley that’s bookended by “Run Like An Antelope” and fits in a portion of the famed “Tahoe Tweezer” like Holly did. Take a look:

Run Like An Antelope > Fuego > Tela > Slave To The Traffic Light > Guyute > You Enjoy Myself > Tahoe Tweezer > Sleep > Harry Hood > If I Could > Slave > Tela > Fuego > Run Like An Antelope