Chuck Berry Jams With John Lennon On ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ In 1972

By Scott Bernstein Mar 19, 2017 9:40 am PDT

In February of 1972 two of the most iconic musicians in the history of rock came together, when John Lennon and Chuck Berry shared the stage and sat for an interview on The Mike Douglas Show. The pair played two songs and discussed Chuck’s illustrious career during John and Yoko Ono’s run as co-hosts on the program.

Berry and Lennon first met on the afternoon of the taping. Chuck began his appearance by joining John and Yoko’s band for a high-energy take on “Memphis Tennessee.” Mike Douglas then chatted with Chuck Berry about his role in birthing rock and roll. Berry talked about his own influences like Glenn Miller and T-Bone Walker. John Lennon weighed in with the excitement of a fan. “He was writing good lyrics and intelligent lyrics in the 1950s when people were singing ‘Oh baby I love you so,'” Lennon said of Berry. “It was people like him that influenced our generation to try and make sense out of the songs rather than just sing ‘do wah diddy.'”

The finale of the Chuck Berry/John Lennon summit came when Chuck led Lennon and his band through a rollicking “Johnny B. Goode.” Watch Chuck Berry’s appearance with John Lennon on The Mike Douglas Show:

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