The Infamous Stringdusters’ Chris Pandolfi Announces New Trad Plus Album ‘Trance Banjo’


The Infamous Stringdusters banjoist Chris Pandolfi announced a new solo album under his Trad Plus moniker. Trance Banjo arrives on February 12 via American Vibes.

Pandolfi revealed that he began making Trance Banjo — which he wrote, produced and engineered himself — three years ago but shelved it due to The Infamous Stringdusters’ busy touring schedule. With time off the road due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pandolfi was able to finish up the record.

Chris took to social media to detail the new release. Read an excerpt from his Instagram post below:

I started this album 3 years ago, during a time of deep creative exploration in my recording studio. I was making vinyl samples of old classical records and using them as a soundbed for my banjo compositions, along with beats, synths, software instruments, strings, and other sounds I was already into. It became a massive undertaking, with many voices on each track, and ultimately sat on the shelf because of our busy Stringdusters tour schedule. But that was the sound I was going for, and while 2020 was challenging in so many ways, it gave me a chance to finish this album and bring my vision to life.

While Pandolfi performed most of the album himself, Trace Banjo does include contributions from drummer Nicholas Falk and fiddle from Stuart Duncan. Chris also confirmed via social media that singles are on the way.

Check out Pandolfi’s entire Instagram post including a teaser video below:

Trance Banjo Tracklist:

  1. Astral Plane ft. Stuart Duncan
  2. Silver Droplet
  3. Fulcrum
  4. Wallfacer
  5. Wading in the Stream
  6. Cloud Valley ft. Stuart Duncan
  7. Asleep at the Wheel of Fortune
  8. Holding Pattern
  9. Flagship
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