Bootsy Collins Unveils ‘Jam On’ Single Featuring Snoop Dogg

By Nate Todd Oct 16, 2020 8:42 am PDT

Bootsy Collins released a new single, “Jam On,” featuring Snoop Dogg and more. The track is set to appear on the funk legend’s upcoming album, The Power of the One, out on October 23 through Bootzilla Records/Sweetwater Studios.

Bootsy announced the guest-filled The Power of The One in September and released the title track featuring guitarist George Benson. “Music is always a soother, a healer, and that’s how I want to use this record,” Collins said about the new LP in a statement. “In these tragedies and in these storms is when the most beautiful messages can come out. Funk is making something out of nothing. As a team, it’s easier to pursue your dreams. It’s official: Family Approved, One Nation under a Groove!”

That groove is strong on “Jam On,” which kicks off with some bars from Snoop and features Bootsy on his signature “spacebass” but also sees the funk master on guitars, vocals, drums and percussion. Additionally, the track sees contributions from 17-year-old guitarist Brandon “Taz” Niederauer along with vocals by Belinda Lipscomb of Midnight Star.

Stream “Jam On” below:

Bootsy is set for a birthday celebration and album release party livestream on October 23. Head here for more info on the Bootsy Collins Album Release Galactic Birthday Bash.

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