Bonnaroo Hosts Kasvot Växt Dance Party


Bonnaroo began on Thursday and included a Kasvot Växt Dance Party at Snake & Jakes Christmas Club Barn. Producer/musician Jesse Lauter served as DJ for two hours worth of music he feels inspired the Phish-created Scandinavian band Kasvot Växt. This year’s Bonnaroo runs through Sunday at The Farm in Manchester, Tennessee.

Phish came up with the fictitious Kasvot Växt as their musical costume from last year’s Halloween concert in Las Vegas. As noted in JamBase’s 20 For 20: Pranks & Gags Played By Jam Acts In The Last 2 Decades list, “Phish took the stage for their second set and played an ambitious series of 10 songs they wrote as if they were a Scandinavian prog-rock act from the early ‘80s and were accompanied by production elements that included an all-white stage and a series of 12 cubes that hung from the ceiling and moved along with the music.”

Lauter used Phish’s performance as inspiration for his DJ set at Bonnaroo last night. A playlist of the music Jesse spun on Thursday notes, “The Kasvot Växt Dance Party, curated by Producer/DJ Jesse Lauter, is a blend of Scandinavian funk, Trans-European contemporaries of the prog-rockers, modern artists & DJs influenced by the Växt, and little påskäggs from that time Trey, Page, Mike & Fish paid tribute to Jules, Cleif, Horst and Georg.” The names mentioned at the end are the ones Phish listed as making up Kasvot Växt in a Playbill given to concert-goers on Halloween: Georg and Horst Guomundurson, Jules Haugen, Cleif Jarvinen.

Jesse Lauter interspersed samples from Phish’s Kasvot Växt within his two-hour DJ set on Thursday, including the “Faceplant Into Rock” sample from “The Final Hurrah.” The turntablist also featured songs by Kraftwerk, ABBA, Todd Terje, CAN, Kraan and many other Scandinavian acts into the soundtrack for his dance party. Attendees were asked to wear white in keeping with the theme from the quartet’s musical costume. Phish performs tonight and on Sunday at Bonnaroo.

Listen to Lauter’s Kasvot Växt Dance Party below:

The Kasvot Växt Dance Party Tracklist

  • Kraftwerk- Musique Non Stop- 0:00
  • Mother Gong- Disco At The End Of The World- 3:47
  • Häxmöjik ft. Phish- Häxmöjik Meets Wallob (Funky Roots)- 5:33
  • Sweet- Funk It Up (David’s Song)- 8:09
  • Zoo- Jeg Robot- 13:10
  • ABBA- Does Your Mother Know- 16:29
  • Atle Lauve- Du Er Sä Deilig- 19:33
  • Ashra- Shuttle Cock- 23:50
  • CAN- I Want More- 27:37
  • Guru Guru- Night Bear- 30:45
  • Gentle Giant- Free Hand- 32:06
  • Fia Nyström- Interrail- 35:05
  • Sten & Stanley- Daddy Cool- 38:15
  • Karen Young- Dee Tour- 41:38
  • Ashra- Club Cannibal- 45:12
  • John Holm- Du E En Stor Grabb Nu- 48:11
  • Birth Control- Gamma Ray- 51:44
  • Pugh Rogefeldt- Stockholm- 54:47
  • Sten & Stanley ft. Ebbe Nilsson- Le Freak- 58:00
  • Flamingokvintetten- Funkytown- 1:01:18
  • Plustwo- Melody- 1:04:52
  • Nils Landgren- Computer Love- 1:08:40
  • Sten & Stanley- That’s The Way (I Like It)- 1:12:55
  • Annie- Chewing Gum- 1:16:16
  • Hubbabubbaklubb- Mopedbart- 1:19:58
  • Mungolian Jetset- Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks- 1:24:59
  • Dan Lissvik- M- 1:33:29
  • Todd Terje- Strandbar- 1:37:04
  • Andre Bratten- Be A Man You Ant- 1:41:28
  • Kraan- Bandits In The Woods- 1:43:08
  • Super Funk Special- Lord Funk- 1:45:32
  • Steve Hillage- Saucer Surfing- 1:49:30
  • CAN- ………..AND MORE- 1:53:08
  • CAN- Turtle (In The Clouds) Have Short Legs- 1:53:41
  • Zoo- Førrstå Sæ På- 1:56:45
  • Turid- Striden- 2:00:39

[Hat Tip – @MikeFinoia]