Bob Weir Rides Couch With Joe Russo’s Almost Dead At Lockn’


Bob Weir appeared onstage during Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s performance of “Eyes Of The World” Thursday night at the Lockn’ festival in Arrington, Virginia. The Grateful Dead guitarist did not actually perform with JRAD — instead, as the event’s signature rotating stage spun around Bobby appeared while sitting on a couch.

The gag was pulled off in the middle of JRAD’s second set, soon after they started up “Eyes Of The World.” Weir, who will perform at Lockn on Saturday and Sunday, posed for pictures, showed his approval of the band and picked up a book to read. The brief Bobby cameo was followed by JRAD re-appearing in front of the audience for the conclusion of “Eyes.”

Earlier in the night, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead closed out their first set with “The Other One” that saw the band play an instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” (similar to Bustle In You Hedgrow’s style) within the Dead classic. Watch below footage of Bobby’s literal sit-in with Joe Russo’s Dead and “Immigrant Song” via Monica Hampton plus officially shared video of the opening sequences of each set:

Eyes Of The World

Immigrant Song

Set One: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall > Reuben & Cerise > New Minglewood Blues

Set Two: Casey Jones > The Wheel > Joeline, Greatest Story Ever Told (cut)


Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Infinity Downs Farm

Set 1
  • A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  
  • Rubin and Cherise  
  • Minglewood Blues  
  • Peggy-O  
  • Playing in the Band  
  • The Other One  
  • Immigrant Song  
  • The Other One  
Set 2
  • Casey Jones  
  • The Wheel  
  • Joeline  
  • Greatest Story Ever Told  
  • Eyes of the World  
  • Uncle John's Band  
  • Morning Dew  
  • Never Been to Spain