The Black Crowes Pay Tribute To The Band On This Date In 2010

The Black Crowes honored The Band at The Fillmore in San Francisco on this date in 2010. The group ended their fourth of six December 2010 shows at The Fillmore with an encore featuring three classics from The Band’s live repertoire.

In 2010, The Black Crowes embarked on the Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys Tour. The lineup featured vocalist Chris Robinson, guitarists Rich Robinson and Luther Dickinson, drummer Steve Gorman, keyboardist Adam MacDougall and bassist Sven Pipien as well as vocalists Charity White and Mona Lisa Young and percussionist Joe Magistro.

The Crowes opened the night with an acoustic set and then went electric for the closing frame. Chris led the group through their first “Long Black Veil” in over two years to kick off the encore. Then, the group dug in on “The Shape I’m In” before Rich handled lead vocals on “Don’t Do It.” The former was also last played by the Crowes more than two years prior. While “The Shape I’m In” was the only The Band original of three, both “Long Black Veil” and “Don’t Do It” were frequently played by the legendary group in concert. The Band also recorded “Long Black Veil” for their debut studio album, 1968’s Music From Big Pink.

Watch fan-shot video of the encore captured by Steve Hagar:

Steve Hagar
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The Black Crowes at The Fillmore

Acoustic set
  • Good Friday
  • Under a Mountain
  • Fork in the River
  • How Much for Your Wings?
  • Bring On, Bring On
  • Hot Burrito #1  
  • Hot Burrito #2  
  • Thorn in My Pride
  • My Morning Song
Eletric Set
  • Waiting Guilty
  • Another Roadside Tragedy
  • Wiser Time
  • There's Gold in Them Hills
  • The Shady Grove
  • Girl From a Pawnshop
  • Thick N' Thin
  • Title Song
  • Feelin' Alright?  
  • Long Black Veil  
  • The Shape I'm In  
  • Baby Don't You Do It  

[Originally Published: December 17, 2019]