Billy Strings & Sierra Ferrell Perform Together At Hinterland

The two musicians traded sit-ins yesterday at the festival in Iowa.

By Andy Kahn Aug 5, 2022 7:46 am PDT

Billy Strings and Sierra Ferrell traded sit-ins yesterday during each other’s set at Hinterland music festival in Saint Charles, Iowa. Strings also played a few songs solo, including a debut cover, during his headlining performance.

Strings’ emerged to share the stage with Ferrell at the Avenue of the Saints Amphitheater, which included adding guitar to a collaborative rendition of “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down.” Ferrell returned the favor for Strings’ encore, providing vocals to a cover of “One Loaf Of Bread,” which Strings had played just two times prior. Ferrell also helped sing The Stanley Brothers’ “I Don’t Want Your Ramblin’ Letters,” which was Strings’ fifth performance of the song and first since 2019.

Earlier, Strings once again skipped a normal set break and instead allowed his bandmates to leave the stage for a few minutes while he went solo. The guitarist kicked off the solo segment with a debut cover of the traditional song, “Nobody’s Business.” Two more bluegrass standards followed as Strings delivered unaccompanied versions of “Little Sadie” and “Let The Cocaine Be.”

Strings kicked off his set with John Hartford’s “The Tall Tall Grass.” Next came an unbroken sequence connecting “The Fire On My Tongue,” “Must Be Seven,” “Likes Of Me,” “Pyramid Country” and “Little Maggie.” Strings, mandolinist Jarrod Walker, bassist Royal Masat, banjoist Billy Failing and fiddler Alex Hargreaves then took up “Heartbeat Of America,” Larry Sparks’ “John Deere Tractor,” “Fire Line” and “Dust In A Baggie” before the stage was left to Strings for his solo section. When they came back, the full band picked up with “Ernest T. Grass,” which segued into “Know It All.” The band then played “Away From The Mire,” before welcoming Ferrell for the aforementioned sit-in.

Watch video clips captured by festivalgoers yesterday at Hinterland below:

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Set: The Tall Tall Grass, The Fire On My Tongue > Must Be Seven > Likes Of Me > Pyramid Country > Little Maggie, Heartbeat Of America, John Deere Tractor, Fire Line, Dust In A Baggie, Nobody’s Business [1][ 2], Little Sadie [1], Let The Cocaine Be [1], Ernest T. Grass > Know It All, Away From The Mire, One Loaf Of Bread [3], I Don’t Want Your Ramblin’ Letters [3]


  • [1] Billy Strings solo
  • [2] FTP
  • [3] With Sierra Ferrell
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