Bill Walton Ready To Hop On Phish Tour

By Scott Bernstein Jul 26, 2015 10:15 am PDT

Celebrity Deadhead Bill Walton is no stranger to Phish having seen the band perform a handful of times in the past, but after being shocked and awed at Fare Thee Well by guitarist Trey Anastasio the basketball Hall Of Famer had a new appreciation for the Vermonters.

More than a week ago Walton announced his intentions to catch last night’s Phish show at The Forum in Inglewood. Bill was unusually quiet on Twitter during the actual performance, but has since shared an enthusiastic view on what went down. In fact, Walton -who says he has seen over 800 Grateful Dead shows over the years -is ready to hop on tour now. Like many of us have asked after the night in which “we got it,” Bill wants to know “where’s the next show?”

Bill Walton wasn’t the only celebrity to attend last night’s Phish show. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo hung with the band at The Forum:

Singer Regina Spektor was also in the house:

Read more on last night’s show here and watch the wild guitar duet that took place during the “You Enjoy Myself” encore:


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