Big Gigantic Team With Angela McCluskey For ‘The Little Things’


Today, Big Gigantic have given fans a taste of the new music they’ve been busy cooking up by sharing their new single, “The Little Things.” Dominic Lalli (saxophonist/producer) and Jeremy Salken’s (drummer) new track features vocals from singer-songwriter Angela McCluskey.

“The second I heard Angela’s voice I knew her soulful, smoky sound would fit absolutely perfect with the vibe of the song. A bit of that 60’s flavor mashed up with our current generation,” said Lalli of McCluskey’s distinctive vocals on the group’s first new music of the year. “I heard her singing on a Telepopmusik song that popped up on my Pandora station one day. I absolutely loved her voice and hit her up right away to see if she wanted to collaborate on some music,” Lalli added. “We worked on a song a couple years back that we never ended up finishing and earlier this year, I came across the vocals again. They happened to fit quite nicely over this new song I was working on so we switched some stuff around, added a few lyrics and this new song was born!”

“Literally couldn’t believe when Dom out of the blue emailed and said check this out,” shared McCluskey. “We had played with some tracks a few years ago and then nothing really came out of it. Then Dom went back recently listened again and built around a vocal he liked and voila! I especially like my laid back soul sound; don’t know what mood I was in that day but wish I could bottle it. All sounds effortless and meant to be,” she added. “I’m happy to rock some Big Gigantic and so excited to sing this live with them in the summer! It’s always the Little Things In Life that get you through and this song has that feel like warm water being poured over your head on a sleepy dancefloor somewhere on a Jamaican beach!”

Big Gigantic kicks off a busy March and April with an appearance at the inaugural Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival on March 5.

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